P.L. 93-638 Contract Negotiations

We have extraordinary experience in negotiating P.L. 93-638 Indian Self-Determination contracts, and we can manage that process for you from beginning to end.

  • Develop an Indian Self-Determination contract proposal
  • Negotiate a Title I or Title V contract
  • Negotiate annual funding agreements
  • Manage contract dispute resolution
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Startup and Turnaround Management Services

We have a proven track record of successfully completing Native American hospital startup and turnaround services.

  • Develop and implement business, financial, and operations models for de novo hospitals
  • Develop and implement turnaround plans for struggling hospitals or specific departments
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with Federal, State, Local, and Tribal jurisdictions


Corporate Governance Advisory Services


We provide advice to corporate Board of Directors to ensure their success. At the discretion of the Board, we can provide high-level industry executives that can be appointed by the Board to assist them.

  • Work with corporate counsel to ensure corporate governance operations are consistent with best practices
  • Consult the Board with its annual budget so that it is consistent with best practices and fair market value standards




Legal Management


We understand the complex legal environment of Native American Healthcare, and can retain expert special counsel for our clients.

  • Provide legal support to ensure the most favorable outcomes
  • Develop and assist in dispute resolutions and legal cost saving strategies
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Regulatory Environment

We understand the complex and turbulent regulatory environment of Native American healthcare, and can manage that process for you from beginning to end.

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